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Network based Video Content Distribution NVCD


A «greenline-special»

  The constant increase in video content and the need to be able to transmit it virtually everywhere has motivated the industry to develop economical solutions. Picture and sound transmission in networks in full PAL standard resolution and clarity is needed. At the same time the expensive satellite routes are to be avoided.

Video-Broadcast over IP

  State-of-the-art compression technology nowadays permits sending video signals over DSL lines in broadcast quality (as in TV via satellite). Two sound channels are transmitted simultaneously without displacement. In the process it is possible to include multiple recipients in the network, equivalent to the Internet Streaming already in use. The difference is that the quality of both sound and pictures is at least as good as that of the domestic TV.

Greenline consulting conference engineering GmbH has selected a system after a lengthy test phase that has proven itself better than other products in reliability and flexibility - NVCD-4.

This technology offers new and interesting options:
  • - in-house transmission such as in lecture halls, in congress TV systems and observation camera systems.
  • - local transmission as in sporting events, events held in shopping malls and general meetings of one kind or another.
  • - supraregional transmission as in live events, press conferences, live surgery transmission (medical), decentrally managed seminars and training sessions.

Three concepts in principle

1. One-way transmission to 1 recipient    
Bild NVCD-Konzept 1
2. One-way transmission to more than 1 recipient    
Bild NVCD-Konzept 1
3. Conference line between 2 stations    
Bild NVCD-Konzept 1
    Standard analogue video signals can be connected to the encoder-PC. Instead of a single camera, a videomixer selecting different video- (and audio-) sources like cameras, VTR's and DVD-players can be linked up. On the decoder-PC standard video signals like composite, Y/C (SVHS) or component (YUV) are provided to be connected to displays or projectors.

Possible networks

  • LAN-Ethernet 10/100, Gigabit networks
  • WLAN from 2Mbit/s
  • SDSL/DSL from 2Mbit/s in the appropriate direction

Interesting rental costs

  • 1 unit decoder+encoder, complete with 2 DSL modems SFr. 1600.00
  • 1 unit encoder complete with DSL modem, multicast Fr. 950.00
  • 1 unit decoder, complete with DSL modem, each SFr. 700.00
  • 2 units encoder+decoder complete with 4 DSL modems Fr. 3000.00
  • 1 operator, daily flat rate (10 hrs) SFr. 780.00
  • 1 operator, hourly rate (up to 10 hrs) SFr. 86.00
  • 1 operator, hourly rate over 10 hrs SFr. 107.50
All prices subject to 7.6% VAT, Unless otherwise stated the prices given are daily rental prices. No material's costs will be invoiced for the setup and test day.

For longer rentals we calculate the basis of the following factors:2 days 1.5 x daily rate
  • 2 days 1.5 x daily rate
  • 3 days 2.0 x daily rate
  • 4 days 3.0 x daily rate
  • 5 days 3.5 x daily rate
  • 6 days 3.5 x daily rate
  • 7 days 4.0 x daily rate
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