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A «greenline-special»

  Impressive freely scaleable digital presentations for events, exhibitions, general meetings of one kind or another and industrial fairs. greenline consulting conference engineering GmbH is your single source combining all the know-how from production to perfect presentation. Years of experience and constant training are the solid foundation of your success.

How does WATCHOUT work?

  WATCHOUT is a production and presentations system for large and multiple screens. It offers unequalled picture quality and resolution. WATCHOUT is based on standard computers, networks and screen technologies and helps record unforgettable experiences.

WATCHOUT makes unique presentations using plasma screens, monitors, and/or data projectors possible. The system gives you seamless big-screen panorama presentations.

Formats supported

  WATCHOUT supports most still picture, video and music file formats including Adobe Photo Shop, JPEG, BMP, PNG, PICT, Targa, TIFF, MPEG1 and 2, DV, QuickTime, AVI, AIFF and WAV.
It supports transparency effects (alpha channel), both in still pictures and in videos. Surround sound systems are also supported using AC3 and multi-channel WAVE (uncompressed). Videos can be processed in HDTV resolution (1,920 x 1,080) as MPEG2 or Windows Media 9 formats.

Flexibility thanks to real time

Corrections and amendments are processed in real time. WATCHOUT offers the greatest possible flexibility for your event.

What's possible using WATCHOUT?

  WATCHOUT utilises every pixel on all screens thus yielding a quality hitherto only available using slides.

The freely scaleable system gives you an entirely free hand in designing your show. If a screen or projector is added then so is a computer and the quality and performance gains.


  Tobias Waldmeier
Media Coordinator
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